Аренда лодки, катера на Оке без гида


26 Фев 2020
Аренда катеров и лодок на Оке
Наши рыболовная база расположена под городом Муром и в вашей доступности становятся сразу три речки (Ока, Ушна, Теща). Лодки оснащены эхолотами и все необходимым для комфортной рыбалки.


Аренда лодки Wellboats 370
Мотор Mercury 15 л/с, максималка 45 км/ч
На борту эхолот lowrance и все необходимое
Вместимость 3 человека, длина лодки 3.7 метра
Аренда с 7:00 до 20:00, 10 литров бензина включено
Паспорт для договора и депозита иметь при себе
Штраф за управление без прав от 500 рублей на вас
Любые механические повреждения оплачиваются вами

Забронировать лодку в аренду на Оке:


Доступные реки:

Ока, Ушна, Теща





Услуги рыболовной базы

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2021 Year of the , what awaits us this year
According to Slavic legends, the sacred golden-horned -Tour is a powerful creative force of the universe, a carrier of fertility, a symbol of courage and bravery. And in Ukrainian culture there is a stable expression "well, tell me a story about a white " - this means a long, tedious, repetitive story that is full of inventions and nonsense.

In Buddhism and Taoism, common religions in China, the represents the ego. Moving on a on horseback means humility of this part of the human soul.

The is the second (after the rat) animal of the Chinese horoscope. Although, according to legend, it was the that first crossed the river on the way to the Buddha. But unable to refuse, he put a rat on his back, which would have drowned for sure. After the crossing, the rat quickly appeared first in front of the Buddha and was awarded the right to be the first to open the annual cycles for his ingenuity.

Description and characteristics of the Year of the

The awarding of the first Nobel Prize in 1901, the tercentenary of the House of Romanov in 1913, the peak of political repression in the USSR in 1937, the flight of the first man into space in 1961, the release of the first version of the Windows operating system in 1985 — all these events are united by the fact that they occurred in the Year of the .

What else do you remember about the years under the patronage of the :

The "swine flu" epidemic (2009)
Ratification of the EU Constitution (Lisbon Treaty) (2009)
Mike Tyson started his career in professional boxing (1985)
The beginning of the anti-alcohol campaign in the USSR (1985)
The death of the British Princess Diana (1997) (she was born, by the way, in the year of the ).
The White Metal is characterized by steel nerves and an iron character. Great willpower and restraint. A year endowed with such an element happens once in 60 years!

Usually, changes in the year of the are more local in nature, since for the its meadows are always closer to the body. As Ernest Hemingway said: "The in the arena is neurotic, but in the meadow he's a healthy guy, that's the thing." Therefore, resonant large-scale events that shake the world are of little interest to this pet.

What will be the year of the -2021
The is a noble animal. Strong-willed, decisive and wise actions should be expected from him.

In addition, the white color of the also sets up a bright period in life.

According to Chinese astrology, the White Metal will definitely thank every optimist who will see only good things in everything that happens.

The best British astrologer Jessica Adams last year was almost the only one who predicted a pandemic and a global crisis. Therefore, the publication of Gmail turned to her for forecasts for 2021. Adams says that events will begin to unfold a few days before the onset of 2021: "It will be a fantastic Christmas (Catholic). The situation will start to change about three days before Christmas Eve." According to the astrologer, the current situation in the world resembles that during the Second World War, but without the war itself. The whole world is caught up in one common problem that needs to be solved. Now this cycle has just begun and will last until the end of 2026.

As for the coronavirus itself, the answer is very simple: "There will be no vaccine, we will all just learn to live with it as with AIDS."

How to celebrate the Year of the -2021
This year's host loves simplicity and thrift. The element of the metal is the earth. Accordingly, in the clothing, interior and decoration of the room in order to satisfy the tastes of the , it is necessary to use such shades as: white, brown, shades with a metallic or silvery effect. And in any case, do not tease the with red!

Also avoid the beef dishes. The best dishes will be simple, peasant food and lots of greens.

White loves everything solid, so he is unlikely to understand various trinkets or souvenirs. Metal likes practical and really necessary gifts. And it is definitely not necessary to give leather products, as the will definitely be against gifts made from the skin of his fellow men.

Who of the celebrities was born in the year of the
Those who were born in the year of the , in their lives are modest and executive, they are patient and laconic people, they are persistent in achieving goals and hardy at work.

People who were born in the year of the are unusual and talented. Among them there are outstanding writers-Hans Christian Andersen, artists-Vincent Van Gogh, musicians-Johann Sebastian Bach, famous actors-Charlie Chaplin, Dustin Hoffman, Eddie Murphy, Paul Newman. Many extraordinary political leaders were born in the Year of the : Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Japanese Emperor Hirohito, Margaret Thatcher.






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